She’s home

After almost seven weeks sitting in the shop waiting for repairs, my Avanti is home, safe and sound in my garage.

We ended up telling the shop to just forget about trying to repair the brakes. They didn’t have any experience working on Avantis and I didn’t want them to experiment on my car. I was tired of waiting for it to be done, too. In a weird way, I had sort of “gotten over” the car, like an ex-girlfriend. When I drove it home, I reconnected with it and felt that bond and passion that I had built up so many months ago.

Some local members of the Avanti Owner’s Association are going to help me find a mechanic that can work on my car, which is great news. It will be such a relief to have someone I can trust working on my car. I already have a lot of money invested in it and I don’t mind spending more to get it just the way I want. Some upcoming projects include:

-Brake job
-Interior restoration (repair a tear, replace the headliner)
-Nardi steering wheel install
-Engine turned aluminum panels to replace the woodgrain
-Removal of the ‘cattle catcher’
-Upgrade taillights to LEDs
-Carburetor tune
-Rechrome the front bumper
-New seals in the doors
-New bulbs in the gauges
-New tires
-Retrosound hidden stereo install

That’s a lot of projects, but it should be a lot of fun.

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There she is, waiting for the next adventure.

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