Ministry of interior

Yesterday I got started on the interior restoration and customization that I’ve been excited about doing for quite some time. The wife and I carefully removed the interior pieces with wood paneling on them (except the dash, which will come later). I soaked them in water and dish soap for several hours and then painstakingly removed the wood from each piece.

There are three pieces I’m working on right now: the ashtray, the shifter plate, and the air conditioner plate. I wasn’t able to remove the plate with the air conditioner controls, and I didn’t want to force it. I figured I’d go for the low hanging fruit and get something done before I frustrated myself with messing something up. More on that later.

Allow me an aside for a moment so I can point out how incredibly helpful the members of the AOAI have been, especially on Facebook. I asked for help finding a mechanic in the Seattle area and several people offered to connect me. That’s pretty amazing, if you ask me. I feel much more confident in getting my car well sorted and any twinges of buyer’s remorse have gone away.

Now, back to the interior.

After soaking the pieces in soapy water, I carefully removed the wood with a scraper and some Goo Gone. This process was all about patience and being ok with scratching the metal. Since I’m going to be applying a high quality vinyl wrap to the pieces, it’s important that all the sticky glue residue is removed and the surfaces are perfectly clean. I will sand them lightly with a fine grit sandpaper before I apply the vinyl wrap.

The vinyl wrap is an engine-turned aluminum look that I ordered online. It looks like real engine-turned aluminum. I would have loved to do the Real Thing but the interior pieces are hard to find and expensive. I might still do it in the future, but at least for now the vinyl lets me see if I like the look.

I’ll take pictures of the pieces and such and make a nice post about how it all went down soon.

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