Back from the resto shop

I have been somewhat quiet on this blog the past few months because my Avanti has been in the restoration shop. I finally got it home on Saturday after having extensive mechanical restoration work done by a local shop.

It all started with brakes.

Back when I got the car, I noticed that it wasn’t performing very well. I emailed the seller and he said it just needed to be driven more. Well, it turned out that the front right caliper had seized and the brake lines to the rear brakes were crushed. In addition, the carburetor would surge and the exhaust smelled really bad. I searched around for a shop that could work on my car but kept turning up empty. Frustrated, I decided to hold off on mechanical work and do some interior restoration.

Summer turned into Fall, which turned into Winter, and I realized that if I ever wanted to enjoy my Avanti, I needed to get it fixed up. I got it in to a resto shop and then the adventure truly began.

Six weeks later, my car came home. Here’s a summary of the work:

-Turner disc brake conversion
-New brake lines
-New brake hoses
-Rust removal from the frame
-Rust repair on the frame
-Reroute the power steering lines (they were touching the exhaust)
-New power steering hoses
-Cut and reweld driver’s side exhaust to clear the frame and power steering
-Repair the front bumper mounts (including fiberglass work)
-Replace the carburetor due to a severe leak in the rear float bowl
-Replace bushings on lower control arms
-Clean and reweld the frame were front springs go through
-Align front end

Most of the work was necessary due to neglect by the previous owner, as well as some modifications the previous owner performed. When I bought the car, I didn’t anticipate all of this restoration work, but that’s water under the bridge. Now my car drives fantastically and is a blast.

Now I’m back to focusing on the interior work, which I am doing in a more “restomod” fashion. The Avanti has been referred to as “the American Ferrari”, so my mods are to make the interior a bit more like the Italian cars that it ultimately inspired. I want to stay true to Loewy and Egbert’s aircraft inspiration, so I’m using lots of industrial materials. I will certainly post pictures once I get something done.

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