What’s the latest?

Since I last posted, I’ve been working on interior restoration and a bit of modding on the Avanti. I replaced the overlays in the center console with black anodized aluminum (from the 20th Anniversary Avanti) and I replaced all the switches with beautiful chrome rockers. Here’s a picture.


This weekend I’m taking the car to an interior shop to have the last bit done, which is the gauge overlay. This bit is more difficult as it involves dropping the driveshaft and removing the driver’s seat. While the car is in the shop, I’ll have the passenger seat repaired, the driver seat frame repaired (there’s a small crack in the seat rail), and hopefully have the headliner repaired. Then the interior will be just about done minus some dye touchup here and there. I also need to install the radio overlay, which is easy.

My car was featured in a calendar for 2014, specifically August 19.


And finally, because I forgot to post this last time, here’s a picture of the new brakes. I think they look great. They stop well, too. :)


I’ll post another update after the car goes into the interior shop. I look forward to it!

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