Quick update

Since the last time I posted, I’ve done some work on the Avanti. The main thing is that I removed the cattle catcher and installed some driving lights (pics coming soon). We bought a house last Fall, so I haven’t done much with the car, other than driving it over to the new house. That was a fun drive. So now that it’s Spring again, it’s time to buckle down and get the last few things wrapped up.

I’m looking for a good shop to do some interior resto work. These items are:

  • Install gauge overlay
  • Install stereo overlay
  • Install┬áchrome gauge rings
  • Repair the weld on the driver seat
  • Repair the tear in the passenger seat
  • Replace headliner

The last bit of mechanical work I’m getting done is new tie rod ends and new seals & gaskets. I will also probably get all the hoses and lines replaced, as well. A new set of tires and a detail, and the car is ready for cruise-ins and shows!